1. Channel 14 movies for this month:

    The two I’ve briefly seen today are:

    The Da Vinci Code and….


  2. Clothes Packing Tip

    This might be a little late for this semester - but it’s good to know for future reference! Instead of packing away all your hanging clothes in a suitcase, take a few big trash bags and cut a hole at the bottom to create a garment bag. You can keep the clothes on the hangers and you can just throw them in the closet when you get to school.

  3. Move-in: Friday.


  4. Anonymous said: I'm probably really late asking this now, but how do you know if any of your classes had Summer work?!

    Very very very few (if any) do. I think only a certain Chem class had some work before the semester started. Check your webmail or ANGEL (www.cms.psu.edu) to see if a professor assigned something. 

  5. One week, guys.

    You ready?

  6. mooncrescenteyes said: Hey I've asked questions here before but I was just wondering is there a way to see what books you need prior to school starting so you can get them sooner, or would it be better just to wait for the first few classes when the professors give you the syllabus to go out and buy your books?

    Ok, to find out what book you’ll need, log onto eLion.

    eLion -> Student Schedule -> Fall 2012 (or whatever semester you’re looking at) -> Course Detail.

    From there, you should see all your classes and in the last column will be “Buy Books”. Click “Select All” (just, go with me on this). Click “Confirm Selected Books” -> “Submit to Penn State Bookstore”.

    When the new window opens, you’ll see the list of books assigned. Some (most) are required, some are recommended. Assuming a book has been assigned, you’ll also see the info for all your books - Author, Edition and ISBN are your most important pieces of info.

    You can either buy/rent from the Penn State Bookstore, or go to Amazon, Chegg, or other online seller. I usually prefer Amazon but you might have to go to the bookstore if its a packet or something.

    I would say… get the books you know you’ll need, but if you’re unsure whether or not you’ll keep the class, or if it says ‘recommended’ I’d wait. Most professors tell you the first day what you will definitely need. Then, you can come to the bookstore the first week of school and visit me! buy what you need.

    If you’re still unsure about something, please let me know! 

  7. Gym Memberships at Penn State

    Memberships can be bought here. Just sign in with your PSU ID and choose which kind of membership you want. $54 for a semester or $103 for the full year. I bought the whole year last year and it was so worth it. I went about four times a week for about 24 weeks, which equates to roughly $1/visit - aka, worth it. 

    With a membership you get access to all gyms around campus - Rec Hall, IM Building, the Nat, White Building and the exercise classes that are offered.

  8. Hope you all are ready to get back to State!

    Have you started *gulp* packing?

  9. In case you were wondering: housing should come out within in the next few weeks.

    Freshmen find out in mid-July (so like, next week or so), and everyone else finds out a little bit after them.

    Where are you guys hoping to live?

  10. In an effort

    to steer to the Penn State tag away from one man’s crimes and back onto, oh, I don’t know, Penn State, I pose the following questions:

    How are your summers going? Only a couple more months until school starts up - how excited are you guys to get back to Happy Valley!?